Fun on the Donut Planet

I bet you did not know that there was a donut planet floating in between Mars and Saturn. That is where I have been for six weeks, while I have been illustrating the history of the doughnut for Houghton Mifflin! I had a blast. The art is a new paper cut style, similar to the work done on Gingerbread for Liberty! The book titled THE HOLE STORY OF THE DOUGHNUT will be out in the Spring of 2016. But until than I am back on Earth and getting to work on new projects!

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  • The Planet of the Donut–so that’s your secret! I’ve seen your illustrations for The Hole Story of the Doughnut, and I think they are some of your best work yet. As the author of the book, I may be a bit biased, but I LOVE your work! Thanks for your talented, and speedy, efforts!

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